Blessings to all who enter

This website is dedicated to all the Catholic saints who intercede for us in heaven!

My goal is to publicize the works of the saints, through this website and through the Discussion Forum.  I will publish Catholic prayers and novenas here; feel free to copy them and use them.  I only ask that you return, once your favor has been granted, to give praise and glory to the saints and to God, in our discussion forum!  I think you'll return, over and over, to ask the saints to intercede on your behalf, and to give praise for favors received!

I began this website and discussion group when I "discovered" novenas, in anticipation of favors received.  Novenas are a beautiful way to ask God for intercession, and to glorify God.

Please feel free to submit Catholic prayers and novenas to us, for inclusion here.  Let us share our blessings with others!

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